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  • Mobile & Web App Development

    Mobile Application Development: We are experts in the design and development of application software for mobile devices. KodeHauz mobile app developers rank among the best app developers with skill sets encompassing a large range of mobile devices and different operating systems.

  • KodeHauz Business Branding

    Through passionate and thought provoking strategies, KodeHauz provide innovative channels for enterprising organizations and aspiring individuals to achieve positive results.

  • KodeHauz Digital Marketing

    KodeHauz provides launch pads for new and existing businesses to break bounds by exploring new markets while consolidating on existing ones.

  • KodeHauz Embedded System/Electronics

    We specialize in building intelligent systems on electronic hardware to provide solutions to daily problems, ranging from transportation and safety to medical and agricultural applications. Armed with microprocessors and sensors, we have one of the best embedded systems engineers with comprehensive knowledge in the use of programming platforms such as Arduino Toolkits and Raspberry Pi.

  • KodeHauz Training Programmes

    KodeHauz offers internship programmes on web design and development, embedded systems, digital marketing, etc as well as holiday camp for pupils and students

  • KodeHauz Web Design and Development

    At KodeHauz, we build websites visually appealing and functioning website using robust coding structure and standards. Our strong team ensures industrial trends are adopted.

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