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With the mismanagement of content in content marketing trends, 7 out of 10 people will read your headline alone and 3 out of 10 will read the rest of your content. Why? Content and headlines nowadays really suck.


Have you ever gone through the shelf in the bookstore with lots of books or magazines you passed, one lays holds on your attention, and wouldn’t let it slip? The key thing is most headlines are not just headlines but some form of a copy.


 If you have followed my post, you should have known what copy means, and how it buttresses the power of content in marketing.


A copy is so powerful, so much so that the elementary objectives of content marketing are buoyed with the instrument of a “copy thrust”. There are so many factors or forces imputed into making a copy, even for a headline to be copy-relevant, but I will be sharing just 3 simple hacks that make a headline copy-relevant and boost readership.


Firstly, your headline should identify the problem: This stems from the fact that you’ve understood your customers. It appears like you’ve seen the problem, and have been in their shoes and had shared in their experience, and had found your way out of the problem. They’ll be like “oh, Emmanuel understands our plight and has the solution to help”.

And it is cool that you leave it under 10 words, that is the words should be under 5-8 words.


Secondly, Support your headline with a sub-headline: Now, this sub-headline identifies the solution, it is put in a way that causes your audience to want to see more. The sub-headline could be in a sentence. While the headline identifies the problem, the sub-headline identifies/addresses the solution.


This works for digital and non-digital marketing, web pages, ads, magazines, and more.

Finally, you must subject your choice and keywords for the headline to test: You must constantly test your use of keywords or chosen text for the headlines. What necessitates this is the constantly evolving digital trends and change that happens in the content marketing space.


But I implore you to do this with Crazyegg, this tool enables you to know the relevance of the keywords you use anytime and also to know the most sought for and those headlines that generate traffic.

Some headlines that caused sales last two years might not be relevant today.


I would like to have your comments in the comments section about your challenges in creating a copy. Wish you all the best.