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Leverage is the ability to influence what people do. But in this case Leverage will be the ability to influence what you do and how you do it. 


To have great leverage one will need to maximize Time and Comfort to a large extent. 


#KodeHauz Executive Trainings offers you Tech skills at your own leisure and Time and Term.


We offer:

Data Analysis 


App development 


Python programming 


Robotics etc. 


Register today for best ICT and system structure trainings


Remember it's at your own leisure and terms. 


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KodeHauz Workspace

A clear headed person in a free air-flowing environment will do more and even more better than Three persons trying to find their peace in a world full of noise. 


Do you want a great workspace in a serene environment? 


Data and Power supply?


And a good bargain at pricing?


Then hit us up and rent our space 

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